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Motor controllers and drivers


TR-EM-337A-PLI is a parallel synchro controller for 4 DC-motors.


The controller has four H-bridge power stages. The driver works with actuators that can offer pulse feedback signal. The control is done with FW / BW commands.

The synchronization control will keep all motors in the same speed and position. If synchronous error exceeds the set difference limit, all motors will be stopped.

Device includes adjustable acceleration and deceleration ramps, which produce the smooth starts, stops and direction changes. Load compensation also enables good operation with asymmetric loads. Adjustable current limits can be set.


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TR-EM-337A-PLI user manual

This user manual tells you how to install and use TR-EM-337A-PLI

TR-EM-337A-PLI declaration of incorporation

Read the declaration of incorporation for the product.

TR-EM-337A-PLI UK declaration of incorporation

Read the UK declaration of incorporation for the product.