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Motor controllers and drivers

TR-EM-322 Basic

Ventilation control unit designed for use in ventilation systems, in which an actuator is required to move the air damper into the desired position.

TR-EM-322 Basic

The system uses one actuator with hall/pot. or pot. feedback/response to perform automatic regulation. The position of the actuator spindle (stroke length) is determined by a 0-10V (2-10V) signal emitted by an automatic system.

The system is powered during operation by 230 VAC.

In the event of a power failure, the system is powered by an integrated back-up battery, which ensures that the actuator either closes or opens the air damper in the ventilation system.

TR-EM-322 Basic

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TR-EM-322 Basic user manual

This user manual tells you how to install and use TR-EM-322 Basic.

TR-EM-322 Basic quick guide

This guide gives you a quick introduction to installation, connection and start-up.

TR-EM-322 Basic declaration of incorporation

Read the declaration of incorporation for the product.