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Motor controllers and drivers


TR-EM-167 is a positioning driver equipped with a set value potentiometer. It has a power stage capable of driving a DC motor.


TR-EM-167 can drive a DC spindle motor equipped with potentiometer feedback. TR-EM-167 is suitable for slow and medium speed systems with transitional periods of 2-30s (from end to end). The current limit is adjustable and can reduce the torque of the motor.

Positioning is achieved by defining a set value to the TR-EM-167 internal potentiometer. The driver compares the feedback value to the set value and drives the motor towards the set value. As the values approach each other, the motor slows down and stops when the values are identical. The operating range is flexible from both ends by means of min. and max. adjustments.


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TR-EM-167 user manual

This user manual tells you how to install and use TR-EM-167.

TR-EM-167 declaration of incorporation

Read the declaration of incorporation for the product.

TR-EM-167 quick guide

This guide gives you a quick introduction to connection.