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Battery Backup (WCU UPS)

Add a battery backup to ensure a fail-safe operation in case of power cut-offs. Battery backup is an external back-up battery that is designed for emergency supply of an actuator system.

Battery Backup (WCU UPS)

On disruption of the main supply, the battery backup can supply the control unit with voltage, so that it is still possible to run the actuator(s). Depending on the control unit’s setting, the actuator(s) can run to a pre-programmed position.
Battery backup is compatible with these LINAK TECH systems:
WCU, WCU-Light, TR-EM 165, TR-EM 167, TR-EM 208, TR-EM 288 and LAXXIC


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Battery Backup

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WCU and Battery Backup user manual

This user manual tells you how to install and use WCU and Battery Backup (WCU UPS).

WCU og batteri-backup brugsanvisning

Denne brugsanvisning fortæller dig, hvordan du installerer og bruger WCU og batteri-backup (WCU UPS).

WCU, WCU Light, WCU UPS - declaration of incorporation

Read the declaration of incorporation for the products.

WCU, WCU Light, WCU UPS - inkorporeringserklæring

Læs inkorporeringserklæringen for produkterne.